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Glassy Glow Beauty Tonic Ingredients Formula including astaxanthin, marine collagen, rose, tremella mushroom, pearl collagen, horsetail, goji berry, vitamin c

Hibiscus Blood Orange (10-pack)

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The sweet florals and tangy citrus notes brings harmony to this invigorating blend.

Bringing together influences from Traditional Chinese Medicine and Modern Science to promote nourishment for your skin from the inside out. 

*Two FDA-approved KN95 mask will be gifted for every item ordered (while supplies last)

The Glassy Glow Beauty Tōnics are light, hydrating, and tasty! They contain powerful antioxidants, collagen protein, and vitamins to give your body natural nutrients it needs to promote glowing skin from within. With convenience in mind, we’ve made it simple for you to feed your skin whenever you like, however you like.

The science-backed formula, in liquid form, works more effectively to deliver the nutrients your body needs to reveal your inner glow. In about 6 to 8 weeks with daily consumption, you may see improved skin hydration, smoothness, elasticity, and collagen production.


The Skin-Loving Benefits

     Improves skin hydration, elasticity and UV protection*

     Evens skin-tone and texture*

     Reduces wrinkles and free radical damage*


What’s Inside?

❊ 1 bottle per serving

❊ Keep refrigerated 

❊ This ready-to-drink liquid format allows for increased bioavailability and effectiveness

❊ 4mg of Astaxanthin - clinically studied to show results and is the strongest antioxidant ever found. It’s 6000x stronger than Vitamin C, 800x stronger than Co Q10, and 110x stronger than Vitamin E

❊ 3000mg of Marine Collagen - the most absorbent kind of collagen to effectively nourish your skin, hair, nails and joints

❊ 100% daily value of Vitamin C to support collagen absorption and synthesis

❊ Rose, Tremella Mushroom, Pearl Collagen, Horsetail, and Goji Berry make up the Eastern-inspired superfood and botanical blend that round off the vitamins and antioxidants needed for our skin to glow from within

❊ 0 Sugar - Lightly sweetened with Monk Fruit, a natural and plant-based alternative

    *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

    Product FAQ

    No preservatives are used in our Beauty Tonic. We care about not only skin health, but our overall health!
        • Every 28 - 40 days, our body produces new baby-soft skin underneath our outer layers. As we age, the number of days it takes our skin to regenerate increases.  Adopting a holistic lifestyle helps our bodies produce new skin more quickly. Through daily consumption of our Beauty Tōnics, you are able to conveniently, effectively, and deliciously feed your skin with the nutrients it needs to make new and glowing skin. This is why our Mission isn’t to replace your topical skincare, but to support your body’s natural beauty mechanisms that start from within.
        • You can supplement one bottle of the Beauty Tōnics into your daily routine any time of the day.  We suggest drinking Rōzes with or after food to optimize nutrient absorption. It’s made to be consumed daily. For possible faster results, our Beauty Tonics can be consumed up to three times a day! 
        • The natural red color comes from our holy grail antioxidant: Astaxanthin. We don’t use any natural or artificial colors, ever.
        • Look, pills are no fun. Not only that, but studies have shown that we are able to breakdown 98% of the nutrients in liquid form as compared to 3-20% in gummy or pill form. Taking liquid supplements allows your body to fully breakdown and absorb all the nutrients. While some supplements (think probiotics) need to be taken in pill form to make it past the stomach to the intestine, our active ingredients are better absorbed in the stomach, as the superFOODS that they are. 
        • One bottle per day. Think of it as a refreshing beverage jam-packed with beauty benefits. For faster results, our Beauty Tonics can be consumed up to three times a day! *Do not exceed three bottles per day. 
        • Everyone is different, but on average, in as little as 6 weeks, skin hydration, firmness and elasticity may improve if consumed daily. For maximum results, consume daily for 12 weeks and afterwards consume one every other 1 to 2 days to maintain the benefits.
        • Marine collagen has the highest level of bioavailability when compared to other sources. It is 15x more bioavailable. Bioavailability is the rate at which nutrients are absorbed into the bloodstream. Marine Collagen is also 90% Type 1 collagen source and we have 85% of it in our skin. It is the best form of collagen to improve your skin’s hydration, elasticity, tone and texture.
        • Lightly sweetened with an extract from an all natural fruit called Luo Han Guo (Monk Fruit). This fruit is native to Southern China which is where we sourced ours from! Did you know that the fruit has so many additional health benefits? People in Asia boil the fruit whole with ginger to make soothing Luo Han Guo Ginger Tea. You can read more about monk fruit and its other benefits on our blog post here.
        • The Beauty Tōnics are to be stored in a cool and dark place. The amber bottles helps preserve the active function of the ingredients by preventing excessive light exposure. Our Tōnics can be stored at room-temperature for up to 4-months but we suggest refrigerating them as they taste better chilled and you can better preserve the ingredient's functions. Once you open the Beauty Tōnics, always refrigerate and finish within 24 hours.
        • No preservatives are used in our Beauty Tōnics. We care about not only your skin health, but also your overall health!

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews
    Love how this product can fit seamlessly into MY lifestyle!

    I am huge believer that beauty comes from the inside out and that it is a balance of our lifestyle, diet/supplementation, and topical skincare. When I finally discovered this convenient and effective product to help boost skin health from the inside out, I had to try it. I am someone that struggles with consistency (pills and powders). I either hate taking the pills or forget or I get too lazy to mix my own skin drink in the morning. So having something thats grab and go was HUGE for me. I just grab one in the morning and bring it to work with me. The key to taking supplements is consistency. Because this format is made ready to drink / on the go, it's easy for me to incorporate the tonics into MY lifestyle, not the other way around. I didn't have to change my habits in order to incorporate these tonics - most supplements require you to change your daily habits, but this is just amazing. I always open the fridge in the morning anyways, so I never forget to grab a tonic each day and drink it whenever, wherever.

    Healthy Skin | Happy Customer 😊

    I bought the 10 pack of the hibiscus flavor and have been taking one every other day and my skin has really cleared up and to be honest, the drink tastes amazing. I ran the ingredients by several doctor friends and family and they really liked the product. They are now on Rozes too! I would highly recommend :)

    Jing Z.
    Love the floral and tang taste!

    I love how this flavor has a very floral forward flavor. You can also taste the slight rose flavor coming out form the rose extract used in these tonics. LOVE ROSE!

    My favorite flavor!

    Out of the three flavors, this one is my favorite! I don't know if I've ever had Hibiscus and Blood Orange together before, so Rozes absolutely crushed it. I could drink this every day and never get tired of it.

    Best alternative to pills and powders! SO convenient

    I struggle with taking pills and don't have any time in the morning to make anything, so this is the the best product for me! It's super convenient and tasty and surprisingly doesn't taste bitter, thick or gross as you would expect