Our Advisors

Bryant Esquejo Naturopathic Doctor


Dr. Bryant Esquejo is a California-licensed Naturopathic Doctor who is passionate about helping patients feel their best in their own skin and strongly believes that the skin is a reflection of inner health. He graduated from San Diego State University and the National University of Natural Medicine. Dr. Bryant practices in Silver Lake, Los Angeles at Jupiter Naturopathic Wellness, where he delves into identifying root causes of symptoms-causing health imbalance and helps patients achieve optimal wellness with the use of functional lab testing, nutrition (vitamin and mineral supplementation), herbal medicine, natural hormone replacement, intravenous vitamin therapy, and platelet-rich plasma treatments. As a beauty guru, he specializes in PRP facials and knows all the natural remedies that make you glow from within every single day!

During his free time, Dr. Bryant enjoys hiking, going to art museums and galleries, cooking, traveling, and playing with his brother's dog. His favorite Glassy Glow Beauty Tōnic flavor is Cucumber Mint and he drinks it daily after breakfast as his final step in his morning skincare routine.

Karen Hecht PhD in Biology AstaReal


Dr. Karen Hecht is the Scientific Affairs Manager at AstaReal Inc., producer and purveyor the most studied brand of natural astaxanthin from algae, which is cultivated in Moses Lake, WA. Dr. Hecht worked as a postdoctoral associate in algal molecular biology at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory. She earned her Ph.D. in Biology at the University of Pittsburgh and a B.Sc. in Biochemistry from the University of Toronto. Dr. Hecht has spoken at conferences, on radio shows, and podcasts on the subject of natural astaxanthin as an ingredient for endurance and muscle recovery, on behalf of AstaReal.

Karen enjoys outdoor activities like biking, hiking, and soccer. Astaxanthin is an important part of her skin care routine, as it helps lock in moisture and fight of the elements to support healthy skin. Her favorite Glassy Glow Beauty Tōnic flavor is Hibiscus Blood Orange and drinks it as a pick me up every day in the afternoon.